My Mealtime

Meadow's point of sale system for the Meadow Kitchen.

About My Mealtime

Meadow uses the My Mealtime point of sale system in the Meadow Kitchen; it can also be used for the Dolphin Days extended care program. Once you have created an account and linked it to Meadow, you can fund your account with a credit card. Having an account makes it easy for you and your family to make purchases from the Meadow Kitchen, while being able to monitor what is being charged. You can set up a low balance warning so you and your children are never caught without money to spend.

If you already have an account (it is the same system as OIS), you can simply log into it and 'Add a New Student' to link it to Meadow.

Note that Mealtime does not store your credit card information, minimum deposit is $25, and they charge a 4.9% transaction fee for their service.

To avoid having to make frequent deposits, you can fund your account to cover purchases for the entire summer. Any funds remaining at the end of summer roll over to the next year or are refunded if you leave the club.

Please note, your account does not have a fraud prevention mechanism (like a pin code) and Meadow does not have the ability to reimburse you if someone else uses your account without your permission. For that reason, please keep an eye on your balance and purchases.

Account Setup

1. Refer to the Dolphin Dispatch that has been sent to every Meadow Member, titled 'Meadow Mealtime System Setup.'  Refer to the spreadsheet and find your family. You will need to enter the data from the 'Customer' and 'Customer ID' columns later.

2. Go to

3. Create a profile (if necessary)

4. Login

5. Please browse the site so that you become familiar with its features, such as the helpful 'low balance' email warning.

6. Click 'Meal Account Deposits'

7. Click 'Add a New Student'

8. Select CA from the State list

9. Select 'Meadow Swim and Tennis Club' from the School list

10. Select 'Meadow Swim and Tennis Club' from the School sub-list

11. For 'First Name', enter EXACTLY what appears as your first name on the spreadsheet (ex. Sonya & Darren)

12. For 'Student ID', enter EXACTLY what appears in the Customer ID column on the spreadsheet (ex. 244 A)

13. Now you are set up to deposit. Click 'Back to Home'.

14. Click 'Make Deposit' and follow the instructions.