The Fine Print

Pool & Clubhouse Rules

Clubhouse Rules

No children under the age of 13 allowed in the clubhouse without adult supervision at any time. An adult must accompany a child when in the clubhouse.

NO FOOD or DRINK allowed in clubhouse unless previously approved for private party use.

No wet bathing suits or wet towels permitted on the furniture or floor of the clubhouse.

Do not remove furniture or other items from clubhouse. Items in designated cupboard can be used for parties. Anything designated for swim, social or tennis should not to be removed for any reason.

Do not change temperature controls for air/heat, refrigerator or ice maker.

If using the refrigerator, remove unused food & beverage, wipe down any spills or leaks.

DOUBLE CHECK that the freezer is closed upon departure of clubhouse.

Please use the ice scooper to remove ice. If there is not one available, please find an alternate method to remove ice. Do not use your hands per Contra Costa County health codes.

Clean up any spills or crumbs left on the floor or counter.

Rental of the clubhouse for private party use can be done through the Social Chair,

Tennis Rules

Please click HERE

Pool Rules

Never swim alone. Make sure there is another person present whenever you are swimming.

No running on the pool deck.

Supervise your child, even when lifeguards are on duty.

Parents are responsible for their children when they are using the pool and facilities.

No child under 9 years old can be left at the pool unattended by an adult, even during swim practice.

No pets in the pool area or the tennis courts.

No pushing or throwing persons into the pool will be allowed.

No diving in the shallow end.

No glass anywhere on the pool deck. Please use plastic cups.

No changing on the pool deck.  PLEASE use the bathrooms.

Conserve water.  Please limit your showers to 3 minutes.

"All kids out" means all kids out of the pool completely.  No sitting on steps; no sitting on the edge with legs submerged in pool, etc.

Swim Diapers - if your child is under 3 or not potty trained, they must wear swim diapers.

No males over the age of 5 allowed in the girls locker room.

No kick-boards are allowed during recreational swim (unless for lap swimming and returned to the storage area).

Any child under the age of 9 must have an adult present to enter the pool (guest and members)

Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.

Take pride in Meadow.  Meadow is YOUR Club.

Diving Board Rules

One person on the board at a time

One bounce per dive

No hanging from the board

Make sure the diving well is clear before diving

Swim to the side and exit from a ladder after your dive

Diving Board Rules are also posted near the board

Guest Fees

Meadow charges a $5 guest fee for any non-members who use the club. Please drop payment, payable to Meadow Swim and Tennis, into box in front of Pool Manager Office. 
Or pay via your account on