New Member Information

Waitlist Information

We are currently at our 275 families limit and have a waitlist. The bulk of turnover for the year happens when dues are collected in January through March. To join the waitlist, complete the forms at the bottom of this page. Once your forms have been submitted you will receive a link via email to pay your $50 waitlist deposit. Only once this has been paid will you have secured your spot on the waitlist.

Accepting a Membership 

We move down the waitlist in the order that your forms and payment were received. We will offer you a membership via email. You will have 48 hours to accept the membership, defer the membership or decline the membership. If you do not respond or defer your membership,  you will move to the bottom of the waitlist. If you decline the membership you will be removed from the waitlist.

As a member you will pay dues and fees when you join. If joining outside of our typical dues collection window, you will pay a prorated amount. After the first year, all members pay the same amount in dues regardless of when they joined the pool.

$50 admin fee (one time fee paid when joining the waitlist)
$500 membership fee (one time fee when joining the club)
$2060* dues (annually for the March – Feb fiscal year)
$400 assessment (annual; every family pays this for the pool upgrades)
Total: $3010 first year fees. $2460 after first year.

*subject to change