Account Setup

Boonli Ordering

Meadow's point of sale system for the Meadow Kitchen.

The Fourth Bore at Meadow

The Fourth Bore has partnered with BOONLI to provide a secure, fast, and easy-to-use online ordering system that allows Meadow families to view the Fourth Bore menu, order, and prepay from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

All members can set up accounts and load funds to a Boonli Wallet so that they can go cashless on the pool deck at any time the Kitchen is open. Those members participating in Dolphin Days can also order lunches for their campers, and swim team members can place pre-orders for upcoming swim meets. Please note that regardless of whether members already have Boonli accounts, likely through school, they need to start a new account specifically designated for the Meadow Kitchen (the ordering website will appear as Fourth Bore Online Ordering)

*Please note that all Dolphin Days lunch orders need to be placed by the Thursday prior to the week of camp.



Detailed Account Setup

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create an Account: Password is: mstc3
  3. Enter Information and click Submit
  4. Enter information for your swimmer(s), Add profile, Repeat for additional swimmers
  5. Click I'm Done and Sign In

Program Info - (also available once you've logged in)

  • Food Questions: email and they'll get back to you right away
  • Technical Support: (help navigating the site): email
  • Payment Informtation: The program accepts payment by Debit card, Credit Card; Visa and Discover